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Baskets Again

Aww….this Magical Thinking Diamond basket is so adorable.  It surely adds a fun and functional pop of colour to any space in your home.  It is handmade so no two baskets are alike.   Check out UrbanOutffiters.

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Bring The Nature In

Having some greenery at home makes one feel good.  For those who live in an apartment, indoor plants are great for freshening the air inside the home for they can remove toxins in the air.   They can also inject some warmth and personality in your home.  If you do not have a green thumb, you may look for plants that are hardy and not too sensitive to over-watering or under-watering.   You may use different pots for the quirky look.

image via http://apairandasparediy.com/

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Interior Love

via Bloodandchampagne.com


via thedesignfiles.net


 via digsdigs.com

via thedesignchaser.com


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Yay or Nay?

I like quirky items that are turned into pendant lamps.  I have came across wicker baskets, recycled washing machine drums and many fancy things made into pendant lamp.  So I just came across this Farm Egg Basket Pendant at Mako Haus which cost $150.  W.O.W.  I find it a tad too expensive.  Perhaps I could get myself a steel basket and make one that would cost a fraction of that price.  What do you think?


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Storm Lanterns

Loving these Storm Lanterns from Toast.co.uk.  It is sturdy and oh-so good-looking.  Made of 100% steel and 100% glass, the paraffin fuelled lamp looks great as a decor piece on your table top, cupboard or as pendant lamp in the kitchen.  Comes in Yellow, Coral, Turquoise, White, Ochre, Old Pink and Acid Yellow.

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Carry Me Away Pillow Shams

These Carry Me Away pillow shams from Modcloth are pretty cute.  If you love travelling or always dream about travelling to China, Belgium or Bermuda, then these suitcase-patterned pillowshams are just the perfect choice for your decor.  Each white pillow covers feature a retro-styled suitcase in a charming blue shade.   Get them and start dreaming away to your dream vacation.



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Anthropologie Home

I was in Anthropologie last night.  I wish I could buy everything they have at the store.  I can just imagine how my home would look like with all those knick-knacks that I love.  Here are a few of them that tickle my fancy.


Rattan Pendant Lamp

Tassel Stitch Table Runner

Reina chair

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Bloom Napkins

Spotted these lovely napkins a while ago.  They are from Harabu House.  I love the retro flare on these napkins.  They are so bright, attractive and stylish.  Just perfect if you want to make a bold statement at your dinner party.  This set of 2 napkin is printed with eco-friendly dyes and are available in Orange and Blue.  Make a very nice housewarming gift too.

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Decorative Hanging Pot

So I was invited to a friend’s new music studio over the weekend.  He has just bought an antares autotune from guitar center and was testing it out. It was my first time visiting his music studio and I spotted a lovely hanging air plant pot at the waiting area.  It is a ceramic pot covered with gold glaze.   It is very functional and decorative.  I really like this hanging pot very much and I hope to get a few for my home.  My friend bought it from Supermarkethq.com.


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Space Saving Toilet Roll Holder

If you want to save some space in your bathroom, do check out this Daisy Roll Holder from MNKBusiness.com.  It can be arranged in various ways and holds up to 6 rolls.  Daisy Roll Holder can even be used to hold your favourite magazines or books.  It is made of thick elastic polyester fabric bands.  Besides space saving, it can add a pleasant visual to the bathroom.


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